Cloapp voted "Best Startup" for Closr Pitch at Tech event Uppstart on Feb 11

Our Pitch for Closr was voted best pitch of the night by the audience at Uppstart at Uppsala Castle last night, a tech event attended by 750+ guests which makes it one of the biggest in the Nordic region.

“Your smartphone Contacts is the least developed social network out there, still you use it every day. With Closr we are evolving your contacts, and at the same time we are giving business users a powerful tool for getting closer to their contacts, close more deals and to stay closer and up to date with their entire network.„ Alex Lewerentz, Co-founder & Head of Product

Cloapp was one of three Startups that pitched on stage at the event for a panel containing Staffan Helgesson and Sabina Wizander from Creandum (Nordic VC) and Tim Jackson, Lean Investments (UK). After listening to all the pitches, the audience then got to vote for their favourite startup/pitch resulting in over half of all the votes were on our pitch.

About Cloapp

Cloapp is a tech Startup from Uppsala, Sweden developing apps that help people connect, improve their relations and close more deals. Winner of “Best Startup Pitch” at tech event Uppstart and selected as one of 150 Startups from all over the world to participate in TNW BOOST - a program dedicated to accelerating the growth of early-stage Startups.

For more information visit the company’s website or the sites for Closr and